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lablanca_ic's Journal

The Legend of La Blanca: The Scene Archive
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Cowboys, Indians, bandits... Pokémon?
Welcome to the Legend of La Blanca's roleplay archive. Are you a first-time visitor? Please visit our main site for more information about the game.

This community is our collection of scene logs, organized by how they were put together. In other words, it's the story thus far. When you complete or wish to begin a scene, simply make a post in this community, using one of the tags below.

Remember, if it's not here, it's not canon!

The Tag Library

mod post - Only used for the Pen & Trade post, to make it easier to find.
livejournal - Scenes done completely on LiveJournal (either because they're one-player scenes or because poses were added via comments).
chat - Scenes done completely through an instant-messenger service (such as MSN or AIM) and posted to this community upon completion.
e-mail - Scenes done completely through e-mail and posted to this community upon completion.
hybrid - Scenes using one or more of the above methods.
[character name] - Scenes involving this character. See our active or inactive character lists for profiles.