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The Fight

Summary: Elizabeth confronts Julian over the events of the previous evening.

Awkward.Collapse )


Summary: Drunkenness leads to...something.

Warning for sexual content.

So this one time at the bar.Collapse )

A New Leaf

Summary: Elizabeth visits Jenny to inform her about a decision she's made.

Cheese and crackers!Collapse )

He begs

Summary: Artemis is up late working on Elizabeth's arm when he gets a visitor.

Please?Collapse )


Summary: Irritated over the failure of her latest arm replacement, Elizabeth drags Julian to their room for a heart-to-heart "chat".

WARNING: Sexual content lurks within!

Anyway, time to fix me up, Stone.Collapse )

The Hangover - Jenny Edition

Summary: Jenny returns to the jail to find Elizabeth there, post failed rescue attempt.

Mornin', sheriff!Collapse )

A Drinking Contest

Summary: In an attempt to help out the captive Julian, Elizabeth decides to challenge Sheriff Jenny to a drinking contest - with the goal of snatching her keys.

99 bottles of whiskey on the wall...Collapse )


Summary: Artemis bails Julian out of jail.

Oranges and lemons no more.Collapse )

Julian's Arrest

Summary: Edward finds the next artifact, and irritates both its guardian and the local town doctor.

Please note, this scene takes place before the 'The Jail Bird' scene.