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In For Something

Summary: The long-awaited end to the kidnapped Julian plot. We hope, anyway.

These were, according to Sheriff Mary Jenny, the top things that were of no difficulty whatsoever:

1. Convincing Elizabeth Forrest that running off to fight the pirate who took her arm would be a bad idea resulting in the loss of the other one (at best).

2. Convincing Elizabeth Forrest that it was also in her best interests to let the sheriff (i.e., the one who was supposed to maintain law and order in Blanca) along for the ride and maybe to take that inventor beau the doctor had picked up in the first place.

3. Finding Artemis Wyndham.

4. Convincing him of the first two points.

5. Figuring out how to ride one of those metal bicycles he'd invented for them.

Now, Jenny didn't much care for the noise the engines actually made as they road along the dusty bottom of the Badlands, but on the positive side, the amount of dirt it kicked up made them look, for all intents and purposes, exactly like a dust storm. This had the unintended side effect of obscuring nearly everything in front of them, but as it turned out, that really didn't matter all that much. After all, the ship, also as it turned out, was pretty damn hard to miss.

Looming just barely concealed by the foothills of the Silver Mountains was an impressive feat of engineering for an airship. Its bronze sides glinted in the sunlight as it sat, seemingly unprotected from the outside.

"So," Jenny shouted to her companions over the roar of the engines, "what's our plan?"

Rescue Rangers

Summary: Approached by a member of Contessa's crew, Elizabeth drags the poor man to the jail and a plan to rescue Julian is born.

So which one's Chip and which one's Dale?Collapse )

The Master of the Technical Stuff

Summary: Elizabeth drops in to ask Artemis about using some of his stuff to help rescue Julian.

BANG BANG Rainbow!Collapse )

The Workout

Summary: Elizabeth tests out her arm while Jenny checks in on the Julian situation.

Read more...Collapse )

On The Trail

Summary: Artemis and Elizabeth go to tell Jenny about Julian's kidnapping.

Growlithe, I choose you! Use scratch n' sniff!Collapse )

The Discovery

Summary: Elizabeth goes to talk to Julian, only to discover that Julian has been kidnapped.

No...Collapse )

A not so friendly introduction

Summary: Contessa visits Julian.

Taken.Collapse )

So, About Last Night . . .

Summary: Elizabeth goes to chat with Jenny after receiving her new arm.

So, a sheriff and a doctor walk into a bar...Collapse )

Third time's the charm

Summary: The third attempt on Elizabeth's redux membrum.

Explodey again?Collapse )

Keeping The Cajun In The Loop

Summary: Elizabeth goes to tell Artemis about what happened - with a little too much enthusiasm.

Mornin', Arty!Collapse )