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Rescue Rangers

Summary: Approached by a member of Contessa's crew, Elizabeth drags the poor man to the jail and a plan to rescue Julian is born.

In the early afternoon, it was fairly quiet in Tin City. The birds were chirping, the sky was clear and the tavern was bustling with people that just needed to forget their names for a few hours. At the sheriff's office / jail, though, it was quite a different story. Quiet too at first, the peaceful silence is soon shattered when the door is roughly thrown open and in steps Elizabeth. Fully decked out in some of her old pirate gear, along with some new additions, she looks furious - and for good reason. Cluched in her artificial hand is the collar of a dirty looking fellow who's currently performing an interesting wiggle that looks like a cross between running, flailing and screaming like a little girl. "JENNY! Y'IN?!"

It didn't even take the pirate's shout for Jenny to realize almost immediately who it was. At that particular moment, she was at her desk, not filing paperwork for once but instead cleaning and loading her gun. She looked up, eyed both her visitor and the stranger calmly, and replied, "Forrest, you'll be paying for that door later."

Elizabeth looks down at the squirming man, growls and unceremoniously flings him toward the jail cell. He doesn't land inside, though. The poor guy crashes into the bars. "Fine, but ah've got good reason. That son of a weasel tried to lure me along t'where Contessa's holdin' Julian - alone. Ah thought he'd like to share this with the rest of the interested parties, so ah brought 'em over fer tea."

Jenny cocks her gun with a snap. "Is that right? Where is she? Did you get him to say anything yet, or were you waiting?"

"Oh, he told me," replies Elizabeth while cracking her knuckles and working her leather glove a bit snuggier over her prosthetic, "But ah've got a plan, as it wouldn't do to just 'ave us bargin' on in. Not with someone like her. So, with yer permission, sheriff, ah'd like to leave our little guest here." She smiles thinly, "Ah'll jes' require his clothes."

With a shrug, Jenny picks up the keys. "Well, if it's for a good cause, I suppose I can let you confiscate his personal belongings. Just don't hurt him." And with that, she went to actually unlock the cell he slammed against. Huh. No protesting. That's a first.

Elizabeth will ask about her willingness later. Possibly. If she remembers once the blood haze subsides. "Good. Ah'll dress as 'em, and we'll grab Arty. Then yuh two can bring "him" back to Contessa for a prisoner exchange. Which she won't go fer." Reaching over, she grabs him and drags him into the cell, "But that's alright. By then, it'll be too late, cause we'll have 'er right where we want 'er." That said, she starts to disrobe the poor guy.

Raising an eyebrow, she glances at the man. Then back at Elizabeth. Then back at the man. "Forrest, normally, I protest against the things you do because they're illegal, but this time, I have to ask if one of the most infamous female pirates in existence happens to be blind."

Switching clothes around, Elizabeth pauses a moment to yank a rugged sack from her belt and stuff it into Jenny's hands. "His clothes're ragged enough that I should be able to hide myself pretty well in 'em. Stuff this thing over my head, though. That should do the trick."

The other eyebrow went up. "I feel like you've thought this through pretty well. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I'll trust you. And I suppose you have a plan for what happens once we get there, too?"

Finishing dressing herself, Elizabeth takes a long object from her pile of clothes and offers it to Jenny. It looks an awful lot like a rifle. "Ah do. The important thing is to get Julian out. Ah'm not out to kill anyone - much as ah'd like to." She frowns, "This, Jenny, is mah sword. Ah'd already planned this far ahead - but this whelp just made things a lot easier by showin' up. When things get ugly, toss it to me. Ah'll fend her off." She smirks, "Though we are largely goin' to wing it. Can't really make plans in a pirate's nest."

Taking it, the first thing that goes through Jenny's mind is the fact that she's pretty sure this kind of weapon's frowned upon in this region. Nonetheless, she shoulders it and nods. "Well, I can't argue with that." Shoving her other visitor into the cell, she locked it up and added, "Meet me at the edge of town in an hour. One of us will need to get Mr. Wyndham, after all, and I get the feeling I'll need to bring more ammunition than six bullets."

Elizabeth grins in a most feral, un-lady-like and all-around disturbing manner. "Oh, ah'll go fetch Arty. We'll see you there, Jenny." Turning on her heel, she marches for the door.