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The Master of the Technical Stuff

Summary: Elizabeth drops in to ask Artemis about using some of his stuff to help rescue Julian.

Not long after her talk with Jenny, Elizabeth had redressed in her typical attire and made her way over to Artemis' ranch. She looked fairly deep in thought as she approached the front door, and actually stood there idle for a good minute before finally lifting a hand to knock. "Artemis! Y'home, darlin'?" she called.

Silly, Elizabeth. Of course he wasn't in the HOUSE. However, if Elizabeth listened closely, she might hear clanging coming from the workshop, followed by a rather colorful string of words.

Elizabeth sighs. Did the man never take a day off? Turning on her heel, she steps off the porch and makes her way around to the workshop. The string of interesting words causes her to quirk a brow, but it's not like she's unfamiliar with Artemis At Work. Leaning on the entrance, she remarks, "How y'doin', sailor?"

Artemis isn't too far from the entrance, and of course, he's in his natural element: surrounded by metal parts and tools. In front of him looks like a variation of the metal horse he'd cooked up ages ago, but the engine on it is bigger. Hearing Elizabeth's voice, he yelps and withdraws his hand quickly to shake it out. "Miss Forrest. Didn't 'spect you out here."

Elizabeth narrows her eyes. "Y'alright, Arty? Didn't mean to startle yuh." Brushing a hand through her hair, she manages a faint smile while saying, "Yeah, ah'm not usually the one that drops in to check on yuh, am I? S'not a personal call though, darlin'. Ah'm here to talk about the one who does like to drop by. Jenny and ah were talkin', Art. We want to know if yuh've ever cooked up anythin' in here that might help us when we go to bust 'er out."

He nods. "I figured." Standing, he motions to the machine. "Now, stop me if this seems like it ain't a good idea. But she's a pirate, right? That means she's got herself an airship, which means we gotta get somethin' that ain't too conspicuous to ride in on. Somethin' that flies. I was thinkin' this: flyin' steam horse. Whadda ya thinkin'?"

Elizabeth tilts her head "A.. flyin' steam horse?" She brings a hand to her chin thoughtfully, "How long would that take yuh to work up safely, Arty?"

Crossing his arms, he glares at the bike. "It ain't a complete workover. It's jus' my ol' metal horse with a new engine attached. I've been workin' on it since I found out what took Julian, so it's almost ready. An' believe me, I put more work into this than anythin' else I've cooked up. She should be flyin' soon."

Normally, Lizzie would be snarky here. She would. Right now, though, she's too focused on wanting to punch Contessa in the face. That, and as she glances to her arm, she's reminded that Artemis can, when he tries, be amazing with a wrench. "...Alright, Arty. That might work out jes' fine. Ah can't imagine she's hidin' on the ground at this point."

Artemis can't help but be a little surprised by the lack of snark. He raises his eyebrows slightly, but then, he cracks a grin. "Glad to see ya've got faith in me. I'll use the same blueprints to make another one. It won't take me too long if I work fast enough. Oh, 'fore I forget..." He reaches into a pocket and tosses something metal to Elizabeth. Should she catch it, she'll find that it's just an ordinary, metal cylinder with holes on both ends. "Give that to the sheriff. She shoots a pistol, don't she? Ask her if that fits."

Snatching it out of the air, Elizabeth looks down at the cylinder and blinks. She has no idea what it is, but - "Alright. Sure. Ah'll pass it onto her." She pauses, then adds, "And Arty? Yuh gave me mah arm back. And it's workin' jes fine." She taps it with her closed fist, "If yuh can do that, yuh can make that damn thing fly. Ah'm sure'a that."

"Tell her to put it on the barrel," Artemis adds. "It's for makin' her shots a little less loud. I don't know anythin' 'bout your pirate friend, but I'll be damned if she's the only one we gotta worry about on that ship of hers, an' I'm assumin' we're sneakin' in, not bustin' down a door or two." Then, at the encouragement, he colored. "I try, Miss Lizzie. It's good to hear it's workin'. If I got time, maybe I'll add a few things that might be helpful, but it'll hafta wait. This thing ain't ready to fly jus' yet, after all."

Elizabeth takes a look at the cylinder again and nods, "Interestin'. Well, ah'll make sure she tests it out 'fore we go. An' yer right. Much as ah'd like to, we'll need a touch of finesse. Besides. Ah suspect that she'll be expectin' us." Pocketing the cylinder, she offers Artemis a smile. "Alright. We'll see about that later on down the road, darlin'. Let's get yer lady back first. Ah'll get this to Jenny and let 'er know about yer plan. Ah'll be in touch."

"Thanks, Miss Lizzie. I'll be here," he promises, and without another word, he turns back to the bike.

"Ah know yuh will, Arty. And ah appreciate it. Good luck with yer invention - ah'd much rather take somethin' smaller than mah airship to do this." Giving him a bit of a off-hand salute, the ex-pirate turns and heads for the door out.