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The Workout

Summary: Elizabeth tests out her arm while Jenny checks in on the Julian situation.

Out behind the jail, Elizabeth has been working for nearly two hours. Not cleaning, of course, but practicing. From the moment she stepped outside to now, she's been practicing every sword move that her father taught her, plus what she's picked up pirating, and has run through the routine over and over. Much of her outer garments have been discarded, leaving her in just her boots, pants and white shirt. Taking one final swing, she sighs and stabs the point into the dirt beneath her feet. "...Well, it's still working," she mutters, lifting her artificial arm so that she can inspect it.

During that time, Jenny had been making her rounds. Of course, she'd been making her rounds since the beginning of the day, so this is the first time for awhile that she's come back to the sheriff's office. However, before she can open the door, she hears that familiar voice and, curiosity piqued, follows it around to the back of the building. There, she puts her hands on her hips, frowns, and tilts her head. "If you're trying to get me to arrest you for indecent exposure, you're making it mighty easy."

Glancing back over at Jenny, Elizabeth smirks and shrugs. "Sure, go ahead and arrest me, sheriff. It's worked out so well in the past." Stretching, she wrenches her sword loose again and returns it to its sheath, which is on the ground with her coat. "And jes' cause yuh never see me without mah coat, doesn't make me naked. Exactly."

She quirks her eyebrow. The woman's got a point. She can't argue with that. Instead, she shrugs. "What are you doing back here, anyway?"

"Simple," replies Elizabeth while dusting her hands, "Ah have an arm that, up until now, has exploded every time it was put on me. This one's been fine, but if it's gonna mess up, ah'd rather it do it before ah punch that damn woman in the face. I'm also gettin' ready." Narrowing her eyes, she turns away from Jenny while brushing a hand through her hair, "Cause ah'm not about to lose to her again, if it comes down a fight - which ah suspect it will."

"I meant why are you doing it behind my jail?" Jenny replied with a deadpan tone. Her eyebrow arched just a bit more.

Elizabeth sighs. "Yuh really need to be a lil more clear with yer questions, Jenny." Turning around again, she grins at her and shrugs, saying, "Ah was here, and ah got the urge. Am ah breakin' any laws? Cause if ah am, ah'll make sure ah keep doin' it here."

"And here I thought you were definitely on my side now," Jenny responds with a smirk. "No, you're not. I just thought it was a little strange that you were doing it here instead of your ship. There's nothing here to train on except the outhouse." Then, after a pause, she added, "You are not swordfighting my outhouse."

"Oh, ah am," says Elizabeth with a laugh, "But it's still fun to mess with yuh. Mm. Anyway, ah don't go to mah ship all that often anymore. Not since..." She waves a hand, "Yuh know. The profession change. And ah don't want to fight yer outhouse, thanks. Ah just wanna make sure ah can swing the damn thing without mah arm explodin'." Her smile faulters after that, though, and she steps toward Jenny, saying, "...So... Any word?"

Right then, Jenny's expression darkened. "Not yet. It seems like she's new in town. All of my usual contacts haven't heard of anyone like her."

Elizabeth scowls. "Ah'm sure she made every effort to disappear after our fight. And ah'd not heard about her bein' around before then, either. Damnit." Now starting to pace, her expression shifts from furious to just plain bothered. "If Julian's bait," she says at last, "She won't kill her. Ah don't know what else, but..." Then she scowls again.

"There is something, though," Jenny adds. "I've got contacts in the mountains who are combing the area, and I've made a few deals with Yuni hunters. There's people all over this area looking for her."

Elizabeth blinks and looks over at Jenny. "That's..." She blinks again, then cracks a bit of a smile, "Thanks, Jenny. Ah really appreciate it. Ah know it's yer job and all, but - still. That does put me a little more at ease."

Jenny wants to smile, but she's got to look professional -- like she's not just doing it for a single person. "You're welcome. The town needs its best doctor, most importantly, and the longer we go without hearing anything, the more I worry about what that pirate's doing myself."

Oh well, Jenny. It's not like she's just going to LET YOU act all professional and neutral to the whole situation. No, good ol' impulsive Elizabeth moves forward and goes to embrace the sheriff, "Yes, ah know. We'll get 'er back. Once we find her." Though, deep down, the ex-pirate has a feeling that when Contessa wants to be found, she'll make sure that she can be.

With an "oof," Jenny lets the former pirate embrace her. She responds by giving Elizabeth a strange stare and then, with an awkward smile, returns the embrace loosely with a pat on the back. "Yes. We will. Now, what about your end of the bargain? Have you thought of a battle plan yet? ...Other than rushing up to her and punching her, I mean."

Letting her go, Elizabeth steps back and folds her arms. "Ah've been thinkin' on it," she says, her tone taking a more serious edge, "It'll partly depend on what we find her in. A ship, a buildin' - but ah know ah want help. Ah want someone able to see Julian to safety if ah have to deal with Contessa. That's where yuh'll surely come in, and... Well. Artemis, ah wager, cause he won't let us go without attaching himself to mah ankle, ah'm sure."

The sheriff chuckles and looks in the general direction of the Wyndham ranch. "Probably not. I just hope he doesn't get in the way. I don't know much about him, but I can't imagine he's fought much." Then, after a pause, she glances at Elizabeth's metal arm. "Do you think we'd be able to use some of his machines, though? Surely, he's got something that might help."

Elizabeth smirks faintly. "Julian's in mortal danger. Ah'm sure anything he's got, he'd be willin' to offer. As fer what he'd actually be able to contribute, well, that ah don't know. We'd have to ask 'em."

Jenny nods. "We'd better do that soon, then. Who knows when someone might come back with news about that pirate?"

Elizabeth nods in return, "Ah agree. Ah can talk to him, unless you'd rather. Not that he's mah biggest fan, but..." She shrugs, "Julian's involved, so that changes things."

"If you can go easy on him, then go ahead." Jenny reaches out to squeeze one of Elizabeth's shoulders. "Good luck, Forrest. We'll need all the help we can get."

Putting a hand on the hand on her shoulder, Elizabeth smiles and nods. "Ah give 'em a hard time, but this is... different. Ah won't be long, Jenny." That said, she turns and heads off in the direction of Artemis' ranch.