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The Discovery

Summary: Elizabeth goes to talk to Julian, only to discover that Julian has been kidnapped.

Approaching the clinic, Elizabeth sighed. She was still upset and hurt, but she figured that this couldn't go on forever. She should at least TRY to talk to her... right? Running a hand through her hair, she pauses to look down at the metallic appendage that has taken the place of the emptiness from before. "Ah'll need to hide that somehow," she sighs and heads for the door. Not bothering to knock, she opens the door and steps in. "Stone! Yuh h--" What she sees, though, causes her to quirk a brow. Blood? That's odd. "Julian?" Maybe someone came in injured. Heading in, she begins to scour the place until she comes to the supply closet. Seeing it open, and the blood trail starting nearby, causes Elizabeth's heart to nearly stop. "...No..."

Artemis had been out at the time for once. He just needed a few supplies, all of which clanked and clinked in his canvas bag as he walked towards the clinic. Naturally, he didn't expect much, but when he saw the door open, he started to get a little curious. Mounting the steps and starting inside, he slowed down his pace as he walked inside as quietly as he could. That is, until his footstep creaked on the floorboards.

Backing out of the room, Elizabeth just stares at the first splatter of blood on the floor. Then she begins to follow it, right back to the front door - where she nearly collides with Artemis. She blinks a few times, then takes several steps back. She looks white as a ghost. "Arty... Arty... She... They..."

At once, Artemis dropped the bag on the floor and took a few steps back. "What?" Glancing at the blood, he frowned and shook his head. "Now... Now, hold on a moment. Jus' what's that?"

Elizabeth now reaches out, trying to grab Artemis by the shoulder. The grip of her replacement arm is probably just a trifle too strong for her emotions, which probably isn't going to feel very good. Curse your craftsmanship, Wyndham! "Julian... She's gone, she..." She bows her head, gulping in a bit of air from her borderline panic. Then she seems to calm, compose - and her teeth clench. "...She''s behind this..."

Upon feeling the grip try to crush his shoulder, Artemis felt his knees bend and his mouth open in a shuddering gasp. "Lizzie! Let go!" he rasped. "Maybe there's a reasonable explanation!"

Thankfully, Elizabeth complies. Letting go of Artemis a little roughly, she turns and walks into and around the living room. She paces in a circle, her eyes narrowed. "It's the only one there is," she whispers, "Yuh know as well as ah she'd be here right now - at her clinic. It's her work hours." Her fingers clench and unclench into a fist, as if she has to work out some pressure before she explodes, "And a blood trail leading from her supply closet - it's too obvious and that bitch is the only one with any grudge against Julian!"

Rubbing his shoulder, Artemis winces and follows her. "Yeah, an' the one who has a grudge against whoever it is you're talkin' about is you. Maybe she's doin' a housecall, an' somethin' else got in. 'Sides, what did Julian do to get someone that angry at her?"

Elizabeth looks over her shoulder at Artemis, her demeanor sobering up as the truth washes through her. "...She knows me," replies the woman softly, "And that woman knows that ah care for her... Contessa. The one who took Cedric, and mah arm." She looks back over at the blood trail, frowning, "She must be using her to get to me. Why else would she leave such obvious signs of struggle? She wanted me to know."

For a long while, Artemis stared at her. Then, he turned around and went back for his bag. A few moments later, he reappeared in the room and pulled an apple out of its depths. Finally, he chucked the apple at Lizzie's head. "First of all, yer crazy, you know that? Second, if that's the truth, the hell did you do to make her take Jules like that? Third, I don't suppose you'll be gettin' the sheriff to investigate all proper-like an' come up with some sorta plan, are you?"

Blinking when she gets hit in the head by the apple, Elizabeth looks down as it rolls away a short distance from her. Leaning down, she reaches out to take it with her mechanical hand. "Ah'm aware of that already, and nothin' - ah'm a rival pirate, an' she hates doctors. Why do yuh think she murdered Cedric?" She pauses and then stands, adding, "Well, was a rival pirate. Ah've given that up." She stares at the apple, focusing on it intently as she speaks, "As for Jenny... Yes. Ah'm goin' to tell 'er. Ah'll need her help to find Contessa, and to get Julian back." Then she crushes the apple in her hand, sending pulp spraying everywhere. "But you... shouldn't stay here. She could come back - so go. We'll take care of this." Dropping her arm, and letting apple drip from her fingers, Elizabeth stalks toward the door.

"I'm helpin' you," Artemis says almost immediately, "but I ain't armed now. Lemme get good ol' Vera, an' I'll meet with you at the sheriff's office. Jules ain't jus' your conern, you know."

Elizabeth pauses and looks over at Artemis. She frowns, and almost thinks about protesting, but winds up sighing instead. "Yuh know, ah would've gotten into a fist fight over with yuh over this before, but..." She shakes her head, "Heh. How times change, eh? Go. We'll wait for yuh there. And..." She hesitates, then continues, "Ah know ah've not been the nicest to yuh, but - thanks for the arm." She lifts it up and pats it.

Smirking at the sudden respect he's getting from the former pirate, Artemis nods. "It's nothin'. Julian's persuasive." With that, he starts for the door and heads as quickly as he can towards his lab. "Don't leave without me!"

Elizabeth waves her hand, "We won't. Yer right. Yuh've just as much right to be concerned as ah do. Ah'll see yuh there, Arty." That said, she walks to the doorway and steps outside. The sun was very, very bright today and she briefly lifts her hand to shield her eyes. "...Well, Rose Corsair. Ah suppose ah'll have to speed this up a trifle." Then she steps off, but doesn't head in the direction of Jenny's office. Not yet. Instead, she makes for the direction of the market, with the blacksmith as her intended destination. She'll catch up in a bit.