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A not so friendly introduction

Summary: Contessa visits Julian.

Julian was in the kitchen at the stove. Putting the kettle on for her water to boil. No one was at home for the moment, which might have normally made her feel a little lonely, but really, she didn't want to see either of her two housemates at the moment. Once the kettle was set she went back to the table and started to read the newspaper.

Around this time, there's a soft knocking on the door. Standing on the other side is someone that no one in town would be particularly familiar with. It's a tall woman, her jet black hair cascading down her shoulders and sweeping slightly across her face. She's dressed for traveling, with a large canvas bag flung over her shoulder.

Hearing the knock, Julian put down her newspaper and went for the door. Opening the door, she saw the dark-haired woman and smiled pleasantly. "Good mornin', love - is there somethin' I can help you with?" She didn't recognize her, but that didn't matter to Julian.

Smiling faintly, the woman makes a bit of a show out of giving Julian a little bow. "Oh, good afternoon!" she says chipperly, "I hope I'm not intruding, but I'm passing through town and I was wondering if you might have anything that's good for burns? The sun tends to wreck havoc on me, but I simply must keep pushing on to Cobalt City if I want to get home by night fall."

"Oh, of course!" She smiled. "Come in for just a minute and I can give you some aloe, and homemade salve." Waving her hand at the woman to come in, she stepped aside.

"Oh, thank you so much! I was told that you were very kind, and I certainly heard right!" When Julian turns her back to go in, the woman's smile becomes a pleased smirk as she follows her in.

"You're very welcome, love. I know what it's like to have the sun botherin' your skin like that. Anyway, just make yourself comfortable and I'll be back in a moment." With that, she walked off into one of the other rooms without a backward glance.

And just as soon as Julian leaves, she's followed. The woman stays right behind her, and once the doctor busys herself with looking for the aloe, the woman retrieves a pistol from her clothing and points it at Julian's back. Click. "So, Julian Stone," says a smooth, not-at-all chipper voice, "We're alone at last."

Julian was reaching for something in one of the upper shelves of a cabinet in the room when she heard the voice. Pausing, she didn't grab the jar just yet, and instead turned around to face the woman. "Er, what?" She asks, confused.

Lifting a hand, the woman takes hold of her hair and pulls it off, revealing the brown, somewhat waved locks beneath that she kept pulled back for this endeavor. "I've been waiting for awhile to meet you, doctor Stone. I heard so much about you from your little pet, Elizabeth." She smirks faintly, "Surely you know who I am."

The fact that this woman wore a wig didn't really mean much to Julian, but what she said, did. "...You -!" She said while attempting to back up. Unfortunately, she just backed into the counter. "...What do you want with me?"

"Oh, Julian, Julian - you're a smart girl, from what I hear. You'll piece it together, I imagine. Now. Out of the closet. We're going for a walk." Contessa waves her pistol slightly, indicating the nearby door, "And don't try anything funny. I know she's got the sheriff on a leash too, so I'm not about to let you run off and blab that I'm still in town."

Unfortunately, Julian was defenseless. The pistol she usually wore wasn't on her at the moment, but even if it was, she doubted she could disarm the pirate. Slowly holding up her hands in the 'I surrender' pose, she keeps her eyes on the woman. "All right. We'll go for a walk, then."

"Yes," replies Contessa, still smirking, "We will." She waves the gun again, indicating that Julian should go first, "Mm, you know, you doctor types are a little... dense sometimes. Can't think past your nose. So let me paint you a picture. I left Elizabeth wounded - and I have a reputation to protect." Her eyes narrow slightly, "So I'm going to finish the job. But first, I need to lure her into
doing something stupid. Ever wonder how a worm on a hook feels, doctor?"

Simply walking ahead of her, she wasn't quite sure where she wanted her to go, though. Walking down the hall, she wasn't quite sure how she should respond to the pirate. Knowing that she was supposed to be the decoy told her one thing, and that was that Contessa wouldn't kill her. "Well, I hate to tell you this, love, but we aren't on the best terms, at the moment. She might not even care."

Hearing that, Contessa frowns. "That a fact? Well then. Let me tell you a little secret that experience has taught me, sweetheart." Julian will hear the sound of metal sliding then, just before Contessa adds, "A bitch will always rush to defend her wounded master." Slice! A knife that Contessa had drawn flashes, seeking to bite into Julian's arm - just enough so that she'll bleed.

"As of yesterday," Julian said with a shrug. Hearing the sound of metal, which almost sounded like a sword being drawn, she whirled around at the risk of angering the pirate, but it didn't seem to matter since she got what she wanted either way. When the blade met her flesh, she nearly screamed, but bit back her cry and clutched at the wound. Shutting her eyes and trying to put enough pressure on
it to ease the bleeding, she raised her gaze back up to Contessa. The hadn't slicted the major artery in her arm, but it was close, and enough for it to keep bleeding for awhile. Had she known just where to cut her? For once in a long time, Julian Stone actually felt genuinely afraid, and alone.

Contessa smiles pleasantly enough, but there was a feral glimmer to her eyes, "There. You should bleed enough on the way out to give 'er the right idea. Then I gurantee she'll come." Contessa puts the knife away and re-aims the pistol, "Then I'll finish her off, and maybe keep you around for my entertainment. 'Till I get bored of you, anyway. Now walk."

Wincing, she was silent while trying to focus on what was being said, and if there was anything she could do to help her situation. Continuing to walk, she only released her hand from the long gash on her arm momentarily to open the door and step outside and down the steps. Putting her hand back over the gash, she tried to hold it tighter, but nothing was stopping the bleeding.

Following Julian outside, Contessa keeps her weapon trained on the other woman's back. The pirate didn"t expect Julian to actually try anything, but one could never be too careful in this business.

There were two things on her mind - one, she had to stop the bleeding, and two, she had to try and either figure out how to escape from the pirate, or leave some kind of warning for Elizabeth. Her thoughts weren't as sharp as they normally would be, however. Well, she could run, or try to knock back into the woman in hopes of buying herself enough time to make a run for it, but...were any of those
viable options? Biting her lip, she decided to take a risk. Turning around, she attempted to knock into the pirate in order to try and knock her down or at least stun her.

Unfortunately for Julian, Contessa didn't reach the status that she had by never assuming that her prey would always go quietly. To Julian's credit, though, she does manage to crash into the pirate - Contessa was just ready for her. Meeting the force while going into a crouch, she sends the blunt end of her pistol whipping around to try and crack her in the side.

Julian wasn't expecting Contessa to expect such a thing, and the back end of her pistol meeting her side was with enough force to knock her down with a cry of pain. Trying to get back up quickly, she grabbed for her side, which ached terribly.

Click. Contessa points her pistol down at her again. "So. Anymore shows of heroism tonight, Dr. Stone? Bait only works if it's still alive, but you're starting to try my patience."

When did she become so weak? Julian fought back the frustration while trying to focus on keeping her senses sharp. Still, at Contessa's words, she managed to glare back up at her captor. "...If that's the case, then why not just finish me off now? After all, you don't know for certain that she'll come."

"Oh, now, you don't really want that, do you?" asks Contessa while smirking, "You want to live, don'tchya? She's soft, doctor. I learned that before. She'll come. What you need to hope for is that I decide to let you live after she's dead." She grins now, "At least, you might want to hope. You might wish otherwise. Now, on your feet."

Julian said nothing to that - she didn't have the energy, or even know really what to say. Managing to stand back up, she swayed a moment, perhaps feeling dizzy from the loss of blood, and started to walk slowly again.

Satisfied that enough blood had been dripped around the area, Contessa reached into one of her supply pouches, stepped forward and shoved a bandage into Julian's hand. "Now, dress your wound, but keep walking. I'm not going to let you pass out on me - or keel over. There'll be plenty of time for that later."

Doing as she was told, as she worked she looked up into the sky for a moment. Wincing from the stinging pain, she only tied her bandage tigther. Staying silent, she just kept walking ahead, unsure of where she was being taken.